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Many Awesome Reasons to Choose Campuslinq

  • User Friendly

    User Friendly

    CampusLINQ is a very easy to use, simple and smart solution with self-explanatory features for all user types.

  • Eco Friendly

    Eco Friendly

    Leads to a complete paperless environment, which is good for environment as well as the pockets.

  • Modern Technology

    Modern Technology

    Ultra-modern online cloud based solution available on web, desktop as well as on your mobile touch screens.

  • Flexible Pricing

    Flexible Pricing

    We are there to serve all types of institutes. Select our economical package as per your requirements. Only pay for your usage

  • Multi - Platform

    Multi - Platform

    Multi-platform and Multi-device solution - be it desktop, laptop or mobile of any make and operating system.

  • Easy to Use

    Easy to Use

    Designed for ease of use for the best user experience. It is effortless ready to use solution with no installation.

  • Excellence Customer Care

    Excellence Customer Care

    We are easily accessible via phone, email and web chat and act with timely manner

  • Experienced Staff

    Experienced Staff

    Our professional, innovative, dynamic and experienced developer take pride in their attention to provide smart features.

  • Set-up Support

    Set-up Support

    We support initial settings like creating classes, groups, designations, subjects etc. and data upload.

  • No Hidden Charges

    No Hidden Charges

    No hidden fee or charges. We have well defined flexible price package to meet your needs.

  • Web Based

    Web Based

    Online cloud solution is easy accessible through Window and Mac computer systems without any installation

  • Mobile Based

    Mobile Based

    CampusLinq mobile app is compact and smart way to help users to connect to school or college anywhere, anytime on a touch screen

  • Desktop Based

    Desktop Based

    Personalized desktop plugin and CampusLinq is shortly introducing desktop offline features to overcome low internet connectivity

  • Customization Flexibility

    Customization Flexibility

    To address your requirements on top of ready to use features, our experts are ready to help you with additional customization needs.

  • Web Security

    Web Security

    With 128bit SSL encryption and secure database, CampusLinq is one of the most secure solutions the market today.

  • Data Backup

    Data Backup

    We partner with world renowned hosting and backup companies to secure and backup client data.

  • Data Privacy

    Data Privacy

    Data is encrypted, secured and backed up on the servers to provide highest level of data security and privacy.

  • Secure Login

    Secure Login

    Secure access is granted with unique ID and Password only for permitted features for different user types.

  • Color Themes

    Color Themes

    Now you can select/change color theme of your choice for your institute. CampusLinq provides in-built color options.

  • Dashboard


  • Easy Settings

    Easy Settings

  • Permission Panel

    Permission Panel

    Admin can grant system and feature access on a user-by-user basis and only those features that a user has permission to access will be displayed.

  • Management Login

    Management Login

    Access to complete School or College control panel with all key features for single or multiple campuses from web or mobile.

  • Staff Login

    Staff Login

    Go paperless, from staff login teachers can mark attendance, assign classwork, update exam results, communicate and can run many more online activities.

  • Parents Login

    Parents Login

    Seamless access to campus and class activities; just with a click of finger, plus manage effective communication.

  • Student Login

    Student Login

    Your campus is with you anywhere anytime, complete access to homework, syllabus, calendar, photo gallery etc.

  • Graphical Analysis

    Graphical Analysis

    CampusLinq provides graphical analysis of student performance by subject, attendance etc and possibilities for other graphical reports.

  • Easy Reporting

    Easy Reporting

    CampusLinq has inbuilt reports options for staff, students, exam, fee etc. in CSV, Excel and PDF format.

  • Multiple Views

    Multiple Views

    Schools / Colleges can view or download or print the data in tabular and graphical format as per their necessities.

  • Easy Data Download

    Easy Data Download

    School or Staff can share these reports with higher authorities using email or printing option in needed format very easily.

  • 3rd Party Integration

    3rd Party Integration

    We fully support 3rd party solutions like RFIDs, Biometrics, APIs, software etc.

  • SMS/Email Integration

    SMS/Email Integration

    Other than App alerts, institutes can choose SMS and E-mail alerts integration.

  • Fee Portal Integration

    Fee Portal Integration

    Streamlined payments system integration with your bank for online fee collection ... Access online transaction reports.

  • Third Party plugin

    Third Party plugin

  • Automatic Alerts

    Automatic Alerts


  • Birthday Reminders

    Birthday Reminders

  • Staff Directory

    Staff Directory

  • Student Directory

    Student Directory

  • Printer Friendly

    Printer Friendly

  • Custom URL

    Custom URL

  • Personalized


  • Mass Data Upload

    Mass Data Upload

  • New Features

    New Features

  • Multi-Campus Mgmt.

    Multi-Campus Mgmt.

  • Data Migration Support

    Data Migration Support

  • Easy Search

    Easy Search

  • Live Updates

    Live Updates

  • File Attachment

    File Attachment