Campuslinq ERP

By: Campuslinq Team

A set-up guide and general information to help you get the most out of Campuslinq.


if you are experiencing any difficulties. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this document, feel free to contact us

1. Getting Started

Thank you for purchasing Campuslinq ERP. This document covers the installation, set up, and use of this system
and provides answers and solutions.

2. Master Panel

2.1    Department Master

user manual for department master

Department Master
2.2    Designation Master

user manual for designation master

Designation Master
2.3    Create Classes Courses

user manual for create classes courses

Create Classes Courses
2.4    Create Section Batch

user manual for create section batches

Create Section Batch
2.5    Create Subject List

user manual for create subject list

Create Subject List
2.6    Create Working Days of Week

user manual for create working days of week

Create Working Days of Week
2.7    Manage Working Days of Session

user manual for manage working days of session

Manage Working Days of Session
2.8    Branch Details

user manual for branch details

Branch Details
2.9    List of Required Documents

user manual for list of required document

List of Required Documents
2.10    Signatory Details

Master Panel (Signatory Details)

Signatory Details
2.11    Qualification Master

Master Panel (Qualification Master)

Qualification Master

3. EmployeePanel

3.1    Employee List

user manual for employee list

Employee List
3.2    Add Employee

Employee(Add Employee)

Add Employee
3.3    Birthday

Employee (Birthday)

3.4    ID Card

Employee (Id card)

ID Card
3.5    Manage Documents

Employee (Manage Document)

Manage Documents
3.6    Report

Employee (Report)


4. StudentPanel

4.1    Manage Student

Student Panel (Manage Student)

Manage Student
4.2    Admission Details

Student Panel

Admission Details
4.3    Add Student

Student Panel (Add Student)

Add Student
4.4    Id Card

Student Panel (ID Card)

Id Card
4.5    Manage documents

Student Panel (Manage Document)

Manage documents
4.6    Generate Certificate

Student Panel (Generate Certificate)

Generate Certificate
4.7    Birthday

4.8    Report

Student Panel (Report)


5. ClassAndSubject

5.1    Assign Class Teacher

Class and Subject (Assign Class Teacher)

Assign Class Teacher
5.2    Assign Subject

Class and Subject (Assign Subject)

Assign Subject
5.3    Assign Subject Teacher

Class & Subject (Assign Subject Teacher)

Assign Subject Teacher
5.4    Upload Syllabus

Class and Subject (Upload Syallbus)

Upload Syllabus
5.5    View Subject

Class & Subject (View Subject)

View Subject
5.6    Class Reports

Class & Subject (Class Report)

Class Reports

6. Attendance

6.1    Attendance Daily Report

Attendance (Attendance Daily Report)

Attendance  Daily Report
6.2    Student Monthly Report

Attendance (Student Monthly Report)

Student Monthly Report
6.3    Class wise Monthly Report

Attendance (Class Wise Monthly Report)

Class wise Monthly Report
6.4    Mark Status

Attendance (Mark Status)

Mark Status
6.5    Manage Attendance

Attendance (Manage Attendance)

Manage Attendance

7. Homework

7.1    Homework List

Home Work (Homework List)

Homework List
7.2    Post Homework

Homework (Post Homework)

Post Homework

8. Message

8.1    Inbox

Message (Inbox)

8.2    Compose

Message (Compose)

8.3    Sent

Message (Sent)


9. TimeTable

9.1    Timetable faculty wise

Time Table (Time Table Faculty Wise)

Timetable faculty wise
9.2    Timetable class wise

Time Table (Time Table Class Wise)

Timetable class wise
9.3    Period timing details

Time Table (Period Timing Details)

Period timing details
9.4    Create Timetable

Time Table (Create Time Table)

Create Timetable

10. AcademicCalendar

11. ExamAndResult

11.1    Manage Exam Schedule

Exam & Result (Manage Exam Schedule)

Manage Exam Schedule
11.2    Add Exam Title

Exam & Result (Add Exam Title)

Add Exam Title
11.3    Manage Grade

Exam & Result (Manage Grade)

Manage Grade
11.4    Manage Results

Exam and Result (Manage Result)

Manage Results
11.5    Result Schedule

Exam & Result (Result Schedule)

Result Schedule
11.6    Class Wise Report

Exam & Result (Class Wise Report)

Class Wise Report
11.7    Student Wise Report

Exam & Result (Student Wise Report )

Student Wise Report
11.8    Report Card

Exam & Result (Report Card)

Report Card

12. FeeManagement

12.1    Fee Type

Fee Management (Fee Type)

Fee Type
12.2    Fee slot

Fee Management (Fee Slot)

Fee slot
12.3    Class Wise Setting

Fee Management (Class Wise Setting)

Class Wise Setting
12.4    Fine Concession Tax

Fee Management (Fine Concession Tax)

Fine  Concession Tax
12.5    Student Wise Setting

Fee Management (Student Wise Setting)

Student Wise Setting
12.6    Utility of Class

Fee Management (Utility of Class)

Utility of Class
12.7    Utility of Student

Fee Management (Utility of Student)

Utility of Student
12.8    Collect Now

Fee Management (Collect Now)

Collect Now
12.9    Cheque Details

Fee Management (Cheque Details)

Cheque Details
12.10    Pending Fee Report

Fee Management (Fee Pending Report)

Pending Fee Report
12.11    School Fee Report

Fee Management (School Fee Report)

School Fee Report
12.12    Cancelled Receipts

Fee Management (Cancelled Receipts)

Cancelled Receipts

13. HRManagement

13.1    Daily Attendance

HR Management (Daily Attendance)

Daily Attendance
13.2    Manage Attendance

HR Management (Manage Attendance)

Manage Attendance
13.3    Monthly Attendance

HR Management (Monthly Attendance)

Monthly Attendance
13.4    Department Wise Monthly Report

HR Management (Department Wise Monthly Report)

Department Wise Monthly Report
13.5    Manage Leave

HR Management (Manage Leave)

Manage Leave
13.6    Assign Leaves

HR Management (Assign Leaves)

Assign Leaves
13.7    Manage Allowance or Deduction

HR Management (Manage Allowance)

Manage Allowance or Deduction
13.8    Assign Allowance or Deduction

HR Management (Assign Allowance or Deducation)

Assign Allowance or Deduction
13.9    Salary Details

HR Management (Salary Details)

Salary Details
13.10    Salary Dispatch

HR (Salary Dispatch)

Salary Dispatch
13.11    Employee Relieving

HR Management (Employee Relieving)

Employee Relieving

14. Transport

14.1    Station Master

Transport (Station Master)

Station Master
14.2    Route Master

Transport (Route Master)

Route Master
14.3    Route Station

Transport (Route Station)

Route Station
14.4    Vehicle Master

Transport (Vehicle Master)

Vehicle Master
14.5    Daily TIme Sheet

Transport (Daily Time Sheet)

Daily TIme Sheet
14.6    Assign Transport

Transport (Assign Transport)

Assign Transport

15. PermissionPanel

15.1    Tab Permission

Permission Panel (Tab Permission)

Tab Permission
15.2    Sub Tab Permission

Permission Panel (Sub Tab Permission)

Sub Tab Permission
15.3    Class Section Permissions

Permission Panel (Class Section Permissions)

Class Section Permissions

16. StudentThreeSixty

16.1    Profile

Student 360 (Profile)

16.2    Attendance Status

Student 360 (Attendance Status)

Attendance Status
16.3    Exam Performance

Student 360 (Exam Performance)

Exam Performance
16.4    Class Ranking

Student 360 (Class Ranking)

Class Ranking

17. AdmissionEnquiry

17.1    Follow ups

Admission Enquiry (Follow Ups)

Follow ups
17.2    Add Enquiry

Admission Enquiry (Add Enquiry)

Add Enquiry
17.3    View Enquiry Status

Admission Enquiry (View Enquiry Status)

View Enquiry Status
17.4    Allocate Councillor

Admission Enquiry (Allocate Counsellor)

Allocate Councillor

18. BulkUpdate

18.1    Update Student Details

Bulk Update (Update Student Details)

Update Student Details
18.2    Update Employee Details

Bulk Update (Update Employee Details)

Update Employee Details

19. PhotoGallery

20. Library

20.1    Library Name

Library (Library Name)

Library Name
20.2    Rack and Shelves

Library (Rack and Shelves)

Rack and Shelves
20.3    Supplier Details

Library (Supplier Details)

Supplier Details
20.4    Publisher details

Library (Publisher Details)

Publisher details
20.5    Author Details

Library (Author Details)

Author Details
20.6    Book Category

Library (Book Category)

Book Category
20.7    Book Language

Library (Book Language)

Book Language
20.8    Generate Barcode

Library (Generate Barcode)

Generate Barcode
20.9    Add Book Details

Library (Add Book Details)

Add Book Details
20.10    Manage Book Details

Library (Manage book Details)

Manage Book Details
20.11    Manage Book Limit

Library (Manage Book Limit)

Manage Book Limit
20.12    Issue Books

Libray (Issue Books)

Issue Books
20.13    Return Books

Library (Return Books)

Return Books
20.14    Report

Library (Report)