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An Innovatively Designed Online Smart Solution to meet all Your Institute need

CampusLinq is an innovative, new-age, ultra-smart Campus Management Software, which seamlessly simplifies the back end operations of schools, colleges and other educational establishments, aimed at enabling and levitating the decision making process to rise to an ever-higher level. The all-integrating IT tool conveniently brings administrators, students, teachers and parents together on a single platform, thus building on the synergies of their cumulative potential to make things better and more effective. It features components for comprehensive multi-channel communication, student/staff record management, smart management of Institute?s finances, day-to- day basis operational management, other school/colleges management processes, all catapulted on a single platform. From enhancing teaching quality to improving efficiency, Campuslinq is innovatively designed to meet all your schools /colleges requirements and infuse a real difference in the way you plan, execute and manage the multitude of factors and undertakings, crucial to your catapulting into the higher trajectory of growth and performance.

With CampusLinq, the institutes enhance the possibilities to witness a watershed change in the way their various functions and functionaries are monitored and analyzed. This smart solution will help them to be more productive, more efficient and more smart in capitalizing on their strengths. It will help them to cut down on their response time to calls of various success-enhancing decisive challenges coupled with quick, transparent and accurate reporting from various operational quarters of the institute. With all information on virtual internet space, the file/filing system of past will get an image makeover to give way to a more analytical, systematic and organized way of record management. Paper-less operations will further help the institutes to cut down on stationary expenses; and will contribute towards the larger goal of conservation of nature. Dissemination and reception of information would become faster, more efficient and more organized in nature.


CampusLinq seeks to transform the institutes into Smart Digital Campuses with latest technological solutions at the touch of a button. CampusLinq Is not just a product but a revolution in the way communications are managed. CampusLinq is an agile, adaptive, highly customizable, user-friendly, multi-platform, cost-effective and a very eco-friendly solution to all institutional requirements.

Key Facts About CampusLinq

  • Single Smart Platform for management, administrators, teachers, parents and students
  • Multi - Device platform accessible on Window & Mac PCs , Tablets and Mobile phones (iOS & Android App)
  • Multi - Years record management by academic session, by students and employees
  • Data Security and Privacy with world renowned cloud server
  • Customization ready as per your institute requirements
  • No installation, easy to use and maintain solution
  • Integration to SMS / Email / 3rd Party Services
  • Hardware integration like RFID and Biometric
  • Excellent world class service support with 99.99% up time
  • Paperless and Eco - Friendly

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